imMEDIAte:: a few thoughts about contemporary art process, excess, information, connectivity, appropriation, improvisation, speed; as developed while working with thousands of artists.  


artists use the immediate surrounding environment to create art, used recycled material, waste, and old media in the form of visual and auditory samples.

improvisation is essential. ideas form and are communicated in the present tense.
the intent of the piece is mostly delayed and reveals itself at a later date in the future. intent is subjective and is open for interpretation from the viewer.

artist works outside commercial boundaries. this allows for freedom in the work and reduces limitations.

the "beauty" of the work is inherent in the process. experiments and longer term process paradoxically leads to imMEDIAcy, and a thoughtful type of cognitive aesthetic.

imMEDIAte art is a product of distractions and fuelled by a
multiplicity of interests, mulit and cross media excess, and the development of multiple artistic personalities.

reflection in action is an educational principle that can be applied in the art domain. The premise is, the artist reflects while creating. This action takes the place of intentional planning, and goes back to improvising, as well as working with the surrounding environment.

The space around the created artwork is as integral as the said piece of art. Installations are essential. ImMEDIAte art can be found in commercial and retail spaces although the value is in the experience of the piece. Building on the Dada movement, juxtaposition is key.

The setting for creating art has advanced from Walter Benjamin's "art in the age of mechanical reproduction" to "art in the age of digital production." Artists work in the age of digital production and reproduction, where time to publish is instant, immediate.

Process, performance and documentation all take place in a suspension of reality.

imMEDIAte art is in constant development.

there is an underlying idea of connectivity in the work generated from multi-layed unspoken collaborations that push the boundaries of communication. imMEDIAte art can lead to clairvoyance, visions, premonitions or some word not discovered yet. The rituals in the work can move society into the future.

This is a living document. Please contact nisa @ fithplanetpress dot com if you have any thoughts or additions to contribute. Thank you.