Lisa Dewey is a professional musician whos take on life's experiment can be heard in the sounds of her music. On the flip side, her collection of short clips of writings simmer with the reality of life, love, and resonate with the sound of her unique voice. Her house, also home to Kitchen Whore Records(CA) is a museum to sound devices- a piano, rescued lap steel guitar with original early 1900s amp, a full blown recording studio, cats, bells, whistles. Jangly pop ethereal folk punk – adjectives used to describe her work, and there’s an arsenal of it. Also, industrial, innovative, open minded, sexy and loud. With a degree in Music from San Jose State, she’s been producing and recording for over 15 years with some of the 80s most influential artists including members of the Cocteau Twins, the Bangles, and Wall of Voodoo. She’s currently working her second book and EP, to be released shortly on Fifth Planet Press.

ISBN # 1-880855-07-0
Paperback: 88
Pub date: January 2000
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