Nisa Asokan co-runs Fifth Planet Press / Tight Bros Network, an independent multimedia publishing and promotions company. She studied narrative fiction writing at New York University under Nicholas Christopher where she earned a writing degree. She wrote two books before deciding it is much more fun to put out other artists' work, and has produced a catalog of over fifteen titles for Fifth Planet Press.

She was a superstar news research librarian in the brain department at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution with a solid tour of duty in the media trenches. She led the all volunteer nonprofit, Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery as Board Chair and music director during its formative years. These days she's haunting the hills of Austin, TX and monitoring the halls of Tight Bros Network while stirring the pot for Studio Pub, a venue in development.





Taking pictures.
Field recording.
Writing Secret Demons an interactive web chapter novel.
Making videos.

Bathroom Secrets: for Modern Rituals show at Wardenclyffe Gallery, Austin, Tx. May/June 2012

VISPO: a visual poetry show at Eyedrum; experiments in the space between viewing
and reading. May 1, 2010.

Collection Plate at Picaflor Gallery; showing microphotos as part of a collection of affordable art, May 14, 2010.

Supposedly Obsolete MIXTape at Mint Gallery, Atlanta: an old media/new media experiment, Nisa Asokan, August 22, 2009.

Sound Sketches for Disappeared Places, group sound installation, Aug/Sept 2009

"Information: Moving Forward with New Media Through Experiments in Digital and Video Art". Worley, Benjamin, author and Nisa Asokan, editor. .Approved for MFA thesis at Georgia State University, April 7, 2009

putAtoring: a book arts experiment, Nisa Asokan and Allison Rentz, August 2008 - present.

Kirkwood Baller's Club, an Atlanta music incubator, 2004 - present

"A Scene from Macondo" by Nisa Asokan for a group show Multiple Media Dimensions of Delirium, Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery, Atlanta, August 2001.




Supposedly Obsolete: MIXTape :: an old media/new media experiment::: By Nisa Asokan, MLS and Bean, MFA:: from Bean Summer / / Ben Worley on Vimeo.


Pillow in the Kitchen
Unisa Asokan
ISBN: 1-880855-08-9
Pub date: July 29, 2000

Includes a cd recording of the band Reasun. "It's actually pretty cool in a weird unsettling way." - Stomp and Stammer




Unisa Asokan
ISBN: 1880855038
Pub date: July 1994

Printed in San Jose, California on super soft cotton flannel paper.