Samantha Snead's Southern Kvlture Vol 1.

a Georgia Reader & field guide to the fantastic and obscure

Vol 2. Zine release Spring 2015







Animals' Guide to Suicide, Vol 1 &2

Jenu Castillo




3rdness.. a poetry imprint on Fifth Planet in cahoots w/ the Atlanta Poets Group, featuing Plasmos by poet Rachel Daley and Josh May.



Bean Summer / Ben Worley
Information: Experiments in Digital Prints is a glimpse into the a body of work in constant development. more>



ALLISON RENTZ is a metro-Atlanta artist who works in installation, performance, drawing, and multimedia. She is interested in how humans interact with each other, and with the environment. Part of her process of realizing projects involves making a book to work with sketches and drawings. more>




The Open Face Sandwich is a journal of uncommon prose. Compiled by the wizards at New Street Art and Music Gallery in Avondale. it serves you several very lovely literary debuts from Up,sala, Amsterdam, New York, and Atlanta. All this notwithstanding delicious full-color fold-outs of animals brutally murdered by automobiles and photographed. more>



Chris Leo & Marcellus Hall
57 Octaves Below the Middle
Chris Leo's second novel, 57 Octaves Below the Middle C is a trip into the art of improvisational composition, crafting paradoxes on the fly, and the story in the space between words as told through the voice of a New York City tour guide. Illustrated by Marcellus Hall. more>



Chris Leo (Vague Angels, The Lapse, Van Pelt, Native Nod) White Pigeons, is a fictitious account of the inner monologues and exploits of a cocky starving rock star. The book features a full-length CD of the Vague Angels performing the album "Truth Loved" by the legendary and fictitious band "The Breaks. more>



Pat Foley
"I hunted down the beast within/and then it was no longer a beast," Patrick Foley writes in "Living in London: A Recollection," one of the poems in his first collection Morning Rituals. With clear-eyed attention to morning rituals- the scraps and tag-ends and daily repetitions that give a life continuity- more>



uNisa Asokan
Nisa Asokan is an idea collaborator, sound collector, librarian, publisher, and former poet turned picture taker more >



Lisa Dewey is a professional musician whos take on life's experiment can be heard in the sounds of her music. On the flip side, her collection of short clips of writings simmer with the reality of life, love, and resonates with the sound of her unique voice.. more>



Anne Waldman was director of the Poetry Project in Manhattan's St. Mark's Church in the Bowery from 1966 to 1978, and the live, eclectic programs of readings she organized provided a link between 50's Beats (Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs and Gregory Corso have been regular readers) and 70's punks (Patti Smith and Lou Reed have read their own poems and so has a new generation of young poets with punk-intensive, form-splattering verbal styles). Ms. Waldman, who presided over the St. Mark's scene as some combination of oracle, siren and den mother, is herself a dramatic reader of her own poetry, at once deadpan and ferocious, whose influence can be seen in the stage demeanors of such performers as Laurie Anderson and David Byrne. She was among the New York poets who, in the late 70's and early 80's, anticipated the current vogue in so-called spoken-word recordings by releasing albums of recited poetry on the Giorno Poetry Systems label issued by the poet John Giorno. A feminist by fiat and a co-founder with Allen Ginsberg of the provocatively titled Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics in Boulder, Colo., where she still teaches, Ms. Waldman has also written some exceptionally lovely, blissful poems about the joys of motherhood. - New York Times Book Review.




Tania Elizov
Co-fournder of Fifth Planet Press, was born in 1968 in Sydney, Australia. Since the she has lived and studied in Israel, London, Bali and New York. She has co-edited The World- the magazine of The Poetry Project in New York; studied with Allen Ginsberg... more >

trembling ladders 1: Premiere Issue
Tania Elizov, editor ISBN: 188085502X
Paperback: 78 pages
Pub date: Fall 1993 out of print


Anne Waldman, Eleni Sikelianos, Amiri Baraka, Andrew Schelling, Australian & Israeli Poetry, Lucien Freud, Allen Ginsberg




trembling ladders 2 &3: Turkish Poetry Tania Elizov, editor ISBN: 1880855046 Paperback: 158 pages Pub date: 1996 out-of-print, excerpts available online


trembling ladders 4: Alchemical Children Tania Elizov, editor Paperback Pub date: 1998 out-of-print, excerpts available online




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